The advantages of biscuit tin box

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The advantages of biscuit tin box

One, biscuit iron packaging design sense full

At present, the raw material used in the cookie iron box is usually tinplate, and the excellent ductility of the tinplate can meet various shape design requirements of the biscuit packaging. For example, tin cans produced by tin printing tinplate are square, rectangular, round, elliptical, shaped, and so on. This customized biscuit iron box design can strengthen the subject and impress consumers; outstanding features and personalization can highlight the connotation of biscuit quality, and it is consumers' emotional resonance in consumer psychology.

Second, cookies tin box packaging highlights the quality grade

The use of good and bad grades in products, biscuits as fast-moving goods is even more so. Common cookies are packaged in plastic film, wax paper, and carton packs, which can reflect the low, medium, and high-end positioning of cookies. Consumers judge the quality of biscuits, not only from the popularity of their brands, but also the first impression of the design of the outer packaging of biscuits to consumers is also an important reference for consumers to judge biscuit grades. The tin-packed cookies are positioned in large packages, high-end foods and various gift packages, highlighting their consumer demand for grades.

Third, iron box cookies play an excellent protective role

Cookies tin boxes, in Jinyu cans, are usually processed with plastic or other materials in various trough-shaped film trays, lightweight, beautiful, neatly arranged biscuits are not easy to break. This external iron box and internal tray have very good sealing properties and the outer packaging has good compressive strength. Iron materials, good light-shielding properties and durability, are high-end packaging in cookies.

Fourth, biscuit tin is environmentally friendly, green and safe packaging products

Regular iron box manufacturers, when producing biscuit iron boxes, will be coated with environmentally-friendly food-grade gold oil in tinplate printing and are dedicated to food packaging. External use of four-color or spot color printing, not only bright colors, but also play a rust-proof role, is a green and healthy packaging.

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