Tea tin color option

- Jul 02, 2018 -

The use of color in the design of tea tin can affect the final sale of the product. Are you aware? The choice of color in tea tin packaging design is particularly important, and some colors can give people a gorgeous, grand feeling; some colors can give people a simple, calm feeling; some colors can make people feel fresh, beautiful ... Different color combinations are applied to different tea tinplate designs, creating different emotions and aesthetics. If green can bring comfort to people, then brown can create a strong, honest, homely color.


Brown's psychological response is solid and stable, almost flat and boring, but it also gives a mother-like seriousness and trust. It is like the ground, the soil that is strong and safe under our feet, giving people a comfortable and comfortable feeling. Green is often the preferred color for tea tin designs, because green itself represents the color of the tea tree, and many teas also appear green after brewing. In the vast majority of life experiences, green is the first visual impression that tea presents to people. Psychologists believe that green is a basic color that plays a decisive role. It is an instinct color for people's survival. It has a very positive effect on people's psychological quietness and cultivation.


Quiet green can create a necessary balance for our uneasy life. It can lead us into rest and help us get rid of irritability and depression and enter into a harmonious state of inner desire. The color of different color tea tin can bring people a completely different psychological experience. The light green design style can give people a quiet and intimate feeling, as if the face of the spring breeze makes people intoxicated. The use of green on a large area of the tea tin box has a quiet effect and creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility. It helps people to relax from their spirits, so that those who are living in the city and craving for nature Can get a little psychological comfort. The use of a light brown design in the tea tin can make the overall effect of the style more stable and unpretentious. The use of light-colored can makers attenuates the unpleasant negative reactions of browns themselves, and it creates a mature feeling.

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