Tea cans for tea storage methods

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Tinplate Information: Tea cans for tea storage methods

With the continuous development of society, people are more and more concerned about their own health, food is not to fill their stomachs, people are more concerned about its health care function, food from health to health care has become inevitable. As a healthy drink in the forefront, tea should ensure that its quality is not affected during a certain period of time, effectively extending the shelf life of tea, so that consumers can buy tea products that are well preserved in color, fragrance, taste and shape. Tea storage is a process that is carried out on the basis of the basic packaging of tea to ensure that the tea remains in its original quality.

The four major factors affecting tea storage are:

1. Direct sunlight will destroy the vitamin C in the tea and change the color and taste of the tea. Therefore, the tea must be stored in an opaque container.

2. The presence of water is a necessary condition for the decomposition of many organic substances, and it is also a necessary condition for bacterial activity. Therefore, if the moisture of the tea leaves is too large, not only the tea leaves are easy to lose nutrition, but also easily mildewed and deteriorated. Therefore, tea must be stored dry.

3, tea and air directly contact, easy to be oxidized by oxygen in the air; lose the original flavor, therefore, the tea container should be sealed.

4. When the temperature rises, the speed of the chemical reaction will increase, which will promote the decomposition of the active ingredients of the tea and reduce the nutritional value of the tea. Therefore, tea leaves should be kept at a low temperature.

The method of preserving tea is now: tin can preservation method, porcelain jar preservation method and bagging method. After long-term use, it is found that these three kinds of utensils are suitable for tin can packaging and ceramic preservation of tea, but considering the price and production process, the tin can is beautifully printed, convenient to carry, fashionable and more suitable as a gift. To express the feelings between friends and family, the market is favored.

In short, only keep the tea leaves in the iron cans dry, maintain the seal, opacity, and have a relatively low temperature, shaded environment to ensure the long-term quality of tea, avoid tea and moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen Factors such as poor biochemical reactions and microbial activity deteriorate. Tea cans manufacturers are easy to recycle due to their material, easy to pack and transport, and have good protection for the quality of the inner tea. If you need tea packaging tin can, please feel free to contact us.

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