Six steps to easily understand the production process of tin boxes

- May 29, 2018 -

Many customers contacted the tin box for the first time and asked us how the tin box was made. The customers who used to make the tin box would understand the process of making the tin box. In order to satisfy the curious customers, the following are the six steps for making tin boxes that are made by Sheng Tai Tin Box.

1.basic needs

The first step is to understand the customer's needs. When we communicate with our customers for the first time, we will ask the customer the basic requirements for the size, shape, product, quantity, design, etc. of the tin box. With these basic information, they will be able to comprehensively quote to customers and give accurate prices. Under normal circumstances, we will send the customer a sample that meets the requirements according to the customer's requirements. After the customer confirms, further communication about design issues. Usually the design of the tin box can be designed by the manufacturer or the customer can design it. Of course, we based on years of experience, customers will be given appropriate advice.

2. sample making

The second step is sample making. Of course, not all customers need customized sample, and some customers do the mass production directly. Why you need to make the sample? Sample is after the customer confirms the design draft and wants to know what the box is made of. This is also to determine whether the printed product is the same. If the color comes out too deep, it can be adjusted when making large quantities.

3. making mold

The third step is to open the mold. This is a very important project. Some customers have newly developed products or need the same size of the tin box. The tin box manufacturers will first ask whether factory's existing size is close enough. If not, they must open the mold. After clarifying the customer's need, we will give the customer some suggestions on the structure of the box, which kind of structure suits his product, and which kind of product may affect the product.

4. typesetting printing

The fourth step is typographic printing. There are two types of typographic printing: one is imposition and the second is special edition. If you have a large quantity, choose a special edition. A piece of iron will be printed on a product, so that the time will be a little shorter than the imposition. If the quantity is small, we will choose to make impositions, and other products will be put together on a piece of iron. The time will be relatively long, because we have to find the right product to print together. Therefore, we generally tell customers that customization will take 20-30 days because it takes a little time for typography.

5. tin box production

The fifth step is the production of tin boxes. After the typography is printed, it is time to start making the tin. Each tinplate must go through blanking - cutting - stamping - packaging so that finished tin can be produced. Different iron boxes require different processes. Some iron boxes require only 8/9 processes, while others require more than a dozen processes.

6. check out the library

The sixth step is to check out the library. After the tin box is completed, before shipment, it is necessary to inspect the relevant personnel of the tin box manufacturer. Only after the product is qualified can the goods be shipped. Regarding transportation, you can choose different trade terms like FOB,CIF or Door to Door.

The above is an explanation of the entire production process of the tin box from 6 steps. The production process of the tin box is very complicated, but every employee of Sheng Tai Tin Box will strictly meet the requirements and sincerely serve every customer. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the sales of the product!

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