Several key points in the design of gift packaging tin box

- Nov 05, 2018 -

Several key points in the design of gift packaging tin box

Due to the exquisite design of the outer packaging, the gift-wrapped iron box has become the first choice for gift packaging for young people. A good-looking package not only reflects the sincerity and taste of the gift giver, but also gives a deep impression. So how do gift packaging tin boxes look so popular? Here are a few key points in the design of a gift-wrapped tin box.

First, the gift packaging iron box material selection: the correctness of the choice of materials directly affects the competitiveness of the goods, so the first step is very important; currently widely used tinplate and frosted iron.

Second, the color of the iron box packaging: the design of the color and the best product coordination, this is very important, this is a component of stimulating consumer spending, a reasonable combination of tones, highlighting the characteristics of the product, giving customers a strong appeal .

Third, the shape of the iron box packaging: According to the physical properties of the product design packaging shape is very important, we must also take into account transportation, display and other factors.

Fourth, the pattern of the iron box packaging: This is the core element that leaves the user with the impression of the product. It is also the main element to test the designer. It is indispensable and very important.

Fifth, Product Label: This part of the content allows us to have a certain understanding of the product, including brand, production date, expiration date, usage method and so on.

The above five points are all you need to pay attention to when designing the iron box packaging. SHENG TAI TIN BOX carefully prepares each package and produces a beautiful iron box with a strict working attitude.

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