Selection of material and structure of food plastic pallet

- Dec 12, 2017 -

1, pallet material: Depending on the use of the environment, select the different material tray. (1) Temperature: Different use of temperature directly affect the selection of pallet manufacturing materials. This is because the pallet of different materials has the normal temperature range of its function.  For example, the use of the food plastic pallet temperature is between +40~-2.  (2) Humidity: Some materials tray because of a strong hygroscopicity, such as wooden pallets can not be used for humid environment, otherwise it will directly affect the service life. (3) Environmental cleanliness: A high degree of pollution of the environment must choose the pollution-resistant, easy to clean tray. such as food plastic pallets, composite plastic wooden pallets.

2, Pallet structure: Pallet has different structure mode, according to forklift fork characteristics, bearing requirements and other application conditions to choose. The structure of the pallet directly affects the efficiency of the pallet, and the suitable structure can give full play to the characteristics of forklift's high-efficiency operation. Pallet used as a floor board, that is, pallet loading goods will not move after, just play the role of Moistureproof waterproof, can choose simple structure, lower cost tray, such as simple, but should pay attention to the static load of the pallet. For transport, handling, loading and unloading pallets, to choose high strength, dynamic load tray. This type of pallet to be used repeatedly, and to cooperate with the use of forklifts, so the strength of the pallet higher requirements, so that the structure of the pallet is "field" or "Chuan" word line.

The above content is the material and structure of the pallet selection standard introduction, according to the pallet loading goods after the heap stamping, decided to choose single-sided or double-sided tray. Single-sided pallet because there is only one bearing surface, not suitable for heap stamping, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the lower part of the goods, so the need to reprint the goods after the code, must be as far as possible to select double-sided pallets. If the pallet is used on the shelves in the stereo library, consider whether the structure of the pallet is suitable for stacking on the shelves. Because usually only in two directions from the shelves to plug the goods, so for the pallet on the shelves should be as far as possible to choose the four-pronged food plastic pallet, so as to facilitate forklift fork to take goods, improve work efficiency. Such a pallet generally selects the structure of the field word row.

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