Problems often encountered in tin box design

- May 09, 2018 -

In the face of the colorful moon cake box packaging on the market, moon cake tin and tea tin cans, chocolate tin boxes, biscuit tin cans and other design ideas are not the same. In addition to the kung fu, the vast majority of moon cake tin cases are mostly in the above situations:

The iron box design style of the big-name moon cake iron box has not only lost its own brand features, but also failed to produce good results. The reason is very simple. It lacks the brand culture and its own product design concept.

The size of the moon cake tin can be selected from the existing molds of many can makers, and then the design is modified. This category is slightly better, and it is not willing to imitate the design concept of other mooncake tin boxes, just to save time and mold cost;

Focusing on shapes not commonly used by designers of other moon cake tin boxes, practical features are affected;

Learn from some classic iron box designs that have a good influence in foreign countries. However, after the design of tin box, it is difficult to be accepted by Chinese traditional culture;

The moon cake tin box design was very hurried, many businesses have to use the ready-made materials (such as mold) iron cans to modify and then use, resulting in moon cake tin box design the effect of discount;

The monthly box merchants with higher sales volume and brand awareness have their own stable moon cake tin box design team and marketing promotion schedule. In theory, there should be a good moon cake tin box design scheme and achieve good results. In the process of operation, they often find that they are far away from the requirement. The reason is that despite the fact that the team that designed the moon cake tin box has done a good job, the canning factory cannot fully understand its concept, so that it can accept it;

The mooncake iron box is well-designed, but the tinplate designer lacks the experience and predictability of canning mold knowledge, canning process, tinplate printing effect, etc.,moon cake iron can design staff have no further communication. Or professional technology is not equal, resulting in significant gap between the printing effect and the finished product effect.

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