Printing By Four colors And Pantone color

- Apr 19, 2018 -

  Four-color (generally composed of dots) is a printing process in which C, M, Y, and K inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are used to reproduce various colors of a color document. What products use four-color printing? In general, photos taken with color photographing that reflect the rich and varied color changes in nature, people's facial expressions, artist works of art, or other images containing many different colors. For technical requirements or for economical benefits, it must be scanned by an electronic color separation machine or a color desktop system. Then use a four-color printing process to complete the copy.

  Pantone color? pantone color refers to the use of inks other than C, M, Y, and K inks, or a single ink to mix color printing processes using C, M, Y, and K inks. Packaging printing often uses pantone colors to print large areas of the background. So what kind of product will use pantone colors?

  The cover of a packaged product or book is often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradient display meetings and texts. These color blocks and text can be separated by color using four primary color inks collided. Pantone color inks can also be dispensed, and then only one pantone color ink can be printed on the same block. In consideration of improving printing quality and saving the number of overprints, pantone ink is sometimes selected for printing.

What is the difference in the visual effect of the colors of a color block that is struck by pantone colors and four-color ink?

  The color of the ink prepared by the pantone color printing according to the principle of subtractive mixing of the color material has a lower color brightness and higher saturation. Ink solid color with pantone color printing. With a proper increase in the amount of ink, changes in the thickness of the ink layer will be less sensitive to changes in color. So it is easier to get a uniform and thick ink print.

Four color printing blocks are used. Due to the composition of the various colors of the color block is composed of a certain proportion of dots. When printing dots, the thickness of the ink layer must be strictly controlled. It is easy to generate a large color difference due to the change in the thickness of the ink layer.

  If you can not use the multi-color machine to print out the color, but also easy to control the color of semi-finished products appear color deviation. Where the general does not use four-color printing, but using pantone color printing. This is a lot of printing factory monochrome, two-color machine printing pantone color. Four-color, eight-color printing more four-color. 5 color general printing four colors plus a pantone color or over oil.

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