Packing tea tin container

- Jun 19, 2018 -

Is your impression of tea packaging still stuck in the previous packaging impression? Most of the tea packaging used in the past was estimated to be ceramic ,wood , plastic or paper, but in recent years, with the increase in consumer demand for products, more tall iron boxes have squeezed into our vision. The more people started using iron boxes to package tea. What are the advantages of this kind of tea tin packaging?

1, the power of the brand. For tea to last forever, it is best to build your own brand. The use of tea tin boxes to package tea leaves customers will generally not throw away the tin boxes after they buy them home. All of them are reserved for storing other things. In this way, you can leave your brand's impression and facilitate the creation of the brand.

2, low cost. In fact, if the number of iron tea boxes to be sold reaches a maximum of 50,000 yuan or more, the number of tea iron cans can only reach several thousand.

3, printing. Tea iron box graphic beautiful, beautifully printed.


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