Origin of the Can

- Dec 12, 2017 -
In the 1809, world trade flourished, sailors who had lived on board for a long time were sick from eating fresh vegetables, fruits and other foods, and some were suffering from serious life-threatening bad blood. The French government then used a hefty 12000-franc bonus to solicit a long-term way to store food. Many people have invested in research activities to win prizes. One of the French Apel, who operated candied food, used all their energies to study and practice, and finally found a good way: put the food into a wide-mouth glass bottle, plug the bottle with a cork, put it in a steamer, heat it, then Mussesse it tightly and seal it with wax. In this way, the earliest can appear. The Abel couple received a reward from the French government and were warmly welcomed by the sailors.

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