New packaging for popcorn

- Jul 09, 2018 -

The traditional popcorn packaging is paper-based, mostly using 250G white cardboard as raw material. It has the advantages of being green, environmentally friendly, non-polluting and recyclable. It is the cheapest packaging method with low price.

However, the use of traditional paper popcorn buckets also has some disadvantages, such as: one-time use, unsuitable storage, low packaging, and the like.

In some of the best-selling popcorn countries, there are some big popcorn brands. This part of the big popcorn brand in order to more prominently influence the influence of its brand and promote its sales of popcorn. These big brands are more inclined to use the new popcorn packaging, that is popcorn can.

popcorn can.JPG

The material of popcorn can is tinplate. The use of iron instead of paper has the following characteristics:

First, it is environmentally friendly, non-polluting and recyclable.

Second, it is more suitable for storing popcorn. Because the sealing performance of the popcorn can is better, the popcorn that can not be eaten on the same day can be stored for up to one week while ensuring the popcorn taste.

Third, the packaging has a grade that reflects the value of the brand.

Fourth, the iron can is not easy to discard, and can be used to store household items after eating popcorn.

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