Materials of packing box

- May 11, 2018 -

We all know that the tin box is very delicate. Do you know what the raw material is in the production process of the tin box?

There are two kinds of materials for making tin boxes: tin plated iron and frosted iron.

The most used in the production process is tin plated iron, the material is a whole piece of silver white iron, the surface looks very smooth, and the metallic luster is very strong. Tin plated iron is also very strong in printing, the effect of printing is very bright and this also makes the finished product of the mouth iron box looks fine and beautiful, and tin plated iron is a very environmentally friendly material, can be completely absorbed and decomposed.

The grain sense of the grit iron can make the made of the horse mouth iron box more feel, in the printing process more suitable for large area of pure color printing, in the use of light oil, iron through the printing skills, made after the iron box is also quite aesthetic.

The two kinds of matte iron box materials are more expensive than tin plated iron, mainly because of their surface sand and iron thickness, which also affects the feel of the iron box.

The production technology of the Guangzhou tin metal box is very mature. The iron box produced by the company can meet the buyer's needs, whether from the shape design, the quality of the product and the delivery period.

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