Is the tin box packaging really green?

- Oct 23, 2018 -

The packaging industry now generally believes that tin box packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging. Even if it is buried in waste, the tin boxes will slowly disappear with time, and the plastic is highly stable and difficult to degrade. Many people have doubts, the tin box is so much stronger than plastic, will it really disappear when it is buried? The answer is yes. Because the material of the tin box is tinplate, the chemical nature is very lively, the soil is damp, and the tin box is easy to oxidize and rust. Over time, the tin boxes will oxidize and rust one layer after another and then fall into the soil. Therefore, the tin boxes will disappear when it is buried in the soil. At present, as long as the treatment of packaging waste in China is incineration, landfill and recycling, these three treatment methods, no matter which one, tin box packaging is better than plastic packaging. Although many countries in the world are studying biodegradable plastics, there is no further progress. In the current environment, tin box packaging is the most environmentally friendly packaging method.

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