Invincible tin box

- Mar 29, 2018 -

How can the packing factory sell tinplate products

Nowadays, people’s consumption outlook has undergone disruptive changes, and the quality of products is no longer a king, but also a good package. Tin packaging is not a blind design. It needs to combine the familiarity, grade, sales area and object of the product to determine the design factors and pattern of tin packaging. In order to be able to stand out in the competition of similar products of tinplate, the tinplate box packaging design must be characterized by the stronger competition in the market. So, how to design tin box packaging?

We can start with the attributes of products, such as: Food packaging design, to give consumers a sense of freshness, sweetness, hygiene, nutrition, etc., to arouse the appetite of consumers. Therefore, the food tin packaging design, tinplate printing color products generally use the original color of the goods, the pattern is basically a food photography, fonts are thick and rounded. For another example, the design of cosmetics tin box packaging must be strictly separated from the amount of men dedicated to women, women are cosmetics tin packaging to be bright, beautiful, bright colors, bright and attractive. The packaging design of men's cosmetics is often solemn and cool in color. In a word, cosmetics' tin box font designs are designed to be lively and fluent, with a sense of the times.

In a word, a qualified product must have a tin packaging design that meets the product's attributes in order to make the tinplate box competitive in the fiercely competitive market, and it is invincible!

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