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- Mar 27, 2018 -

Food tin boxes, medicine tin boxes and gift tin boxes are the three major markets for packaging, with food tin boxes as the main products. In recent years, with the continuous improvement and improvement of food tin packaging technology, the market share of food tin in the food packaging industry has increased year by year. However, due to the limitations of thinking and dependence on traditional packaging habits, there are still many food companies that have been hesitant about whether or not to use food packaging. Therefore, the food industry has a lot of room for development. It needs to be targeted by the tin designer. The development and design of the tin box will strengthen the confidence of the customers in this type of packaging and their desire for replacement. When designing a tin box, designers should pay attention to the following points:

First, develop and design for new food industry

Tin box packaging development in new industries is most likely to play a leading role in the market. The listing of a new food, in the tin box design, must break the ideological imprisonment, we must first carefully analyze the food consumers and propaganda theme, combined with the printing characteristics and technological characteristics of the food tin, and then carry out the specific iron box design.

Second, use existing molds to expand the scope of the package

For iron packaging, one of the biggest limitations is the mold. The mold cost of the tin box is much higher than that of the paper box and plastic bag. Many customers initially wanted to try out tin box packaging to do some market research. However, they were unable to find a suitable ready-made mold, and it was not worthwhile to re-open the mold, so they were forced to give up. This means that the customer has lost the chance of a product upgrade and has lost a potential customer . Therefore, the tin box factory must change the mold as much as possible on the basis of the existing mold, so that it can expand the scope of application of the mold and attract more potential customers.

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