How to solve tin paint off?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

How to solve the problem of tinplate tin paint off?

The packaging materials on the market today are tinplate tin box packaging, which is the most common. Tinplate tin box packaging can be seen in every job. Because of the special nature of the tin box itself, the retention may not be good. When you put it lightly, it will show off the paint. Then, is there a way to avoid the paint and to correct it? Below, the iron box manufacturers introduce us to several useful methods.

Tinplate tin box

Tinplate iron paint is not a rare question. Tin cases have been used for a long time or have been improperly applied. They are the primary reason for iron paint to lose paint. The doubt about the lasting use of the tin box is due to prolonged oxidation and exposure to bright light, resulting in the dried and brittle appearance of the outer surface of the tin box. Touching, the printed surface will easily fall, if not repaired in time, it will cause a large area to paint off, severe rust will cause the repercussions, resulting in obsolete tin. With regard to the above situation, the white candle oil can be used to drop the paint orientation, and a thin layer can make the place that has not fallen off to be dry and brittle. The use of improper paint caused by the question, the first reason is that in the process of transport workers in the iron packaging neglect, resulting in the iron in the transport process, touch each other, when the print surface is damaged paint, for this situation, Need to put a PO bag in each tinplate packaging process to avoid the above conditions


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