How to preserve the quality of tea?

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Refrigerator preservation method can be used, that is, put the tea in a dry, odor-free, sealable container, and then into the refrigerator freezer.

If the tea leaves are small in quantity and dry, they can also be sealed directly in a film bag with good moisture resistance and stored in a refrigerator. In addition to being placed in a refrigerator, they can also be stored in jars. The tea leaves are packed into tinplate teapots with double lids. It is best to fill them with no gaps so that the air in the jars is relatively small and the tea is not easily degraded.

Of course, the tea can also be placed in a thermos bottle, the lid tightly closed, and then sealed with a bottle of white wax.

Specifically, green tea and lightly fermented tea (such as Tieguanyin, etc.) are suitable for sealed and refrigerated storage in refrigerators; full-flavored black teas are placed in cabinets that are dry and free from sunlight; post-fermented black teas should be placed in sealed purple sand jars. No matter what kind of tea, we must avoid tea and spices, cosmetics, kitchen close.        



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