How can we make metal be not rusty

- Mar 20, 2018 -

The principle of anti-rust: Keep steel away from water, oxygen and other substances.

Anti-rust method

The easiest way: to keep the surfaces of steel products clean and dry

Surface protective film: oil, spray paint, burning enamel

Plated with a layer of corrosion-resistant metal: galvanized iron tube, bicycle steel chrome plated

Reaction produces a dense oxide film: bake blue on the saw blade

Change the internal structure of the metal and melt into a corrosion-resistant alloy: stainless steel

Remove rust spots:

1, rust spots on the metal objects, wipe with a soft cloth on the toothpaste, the effect is quite good.

2. In case of stubborn rust stains, dilute halogen bleach can be applied and rinse with water after a few moments.

3. If the rust is only on the surface, it can be removed by scrubbing with a decontaminating powder.

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