How can I make the product theme stand out on the iron box packaging?

- Aug 31, 2018 -

The development trend of iron box packaging is getting more and more popular, and the survey market finds that it is becoming more and more obvious as the mainstream trend of commodity packaging. However, how to promote the product of the enterprise on the iron box packaging, and better highlight the theme of the interior product, this is a problem that many packaging designers ponder over.

So how can we highlight the theme of enterprise products on the iron box packaging? This requires packaging designers to list the various elements that the product needs to express, and use one or a group to play its role. This is called the main image of the product by the tin box manufacturer.

The design of the iron box packaging can have various expressions such as position, angle, proportion, arrangement, distance, center of gravity, depth, etc. If the primary and secondary elements of the built-in products are not divided, the choice is not fully expressed, just as the article has no focus, the movie story has no protagonist, and the final result can be imagined.

Therefore, the iron box packaging design highlights the theme of the product, but also should be both primary and secondary. In the design and design of the iron box packaging structure, some of the main product elements must be highlighted, and the secondary product elements should fully play the role of the theme element, in addition to giving the product a better marketing atmosphere, it is also the sublimation of the theme element publicity effect. However, how can the secondary product elements play an extraordinary role in the foiling, how can the iron box packaging design reach the primary and secondary response, and the overall coordination, which also requires the iron box manufacturer to carefully and repeatedly design the design of the original iron box packaging. The main skill is the way the designer handles the relationship between the various elements of the built-in product.

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