Garrett Popcorn: The Best Popcorn in the World

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Garrett Popcorn's popcorn can be completely covered with cheese or caramel, unlike the popcorn, which has a tendency to be uneven or not even open at all.

Product: Garrett Popcorn

Brand Birthplace: Chicago, United States

Brand history: born in 1049

Place of sale: United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore, etc. There is no mainland China.

Reference price: Online shopping 150 yuan a box (200G)

Features: Long history, stylish packaging

This is called "the best popcorn in the world." In fact, when talking about popcorn, Xiao Bian felt that it was only a snack sold in a movie theater. This company actually sold popcorn to a trend.

Garrett Popcorn headquarters is located in Chicago, in addition to the United States, currently Asia Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok has a branch. Garrett is famous for its delicious popcorn, and even some people comment that Garrett Popcorn is the best popcorn in the world, and even needs to line up to buy it.

Garrett Popcorn:世界上最好吃的爆米花

Garrett was born in Chicago in the United States in 1949. At that time, many people had queued up to buy it!

Garrett Popcorn:世界上最好吃的爆米花

Talk show Queen Oprah mentions Garrett popcorn in her “Favorite Things” for the third time and collaborates with Allegro to launch special packaging.

Garrett Popcorn:世界上最好吃的爆米花

According to netizens, the smell of popcorn can be smelled as soon as they enter the floor where Garrett is sold. The clerk will give the customer an order first, allowing you to choose taste and weight. There are various flavors such as cream, caramel (recommended), butter, original flavor, and even Korean kimchi taste even in Asia. The prices of different flavors are slightly different. Ordinary paper bags are RMB 30 or so. If you need iron box packaging, the price will be more expensive. The price that can be purchased online in the Mainland is nearly 150 yuan 100G a box.



Does the official website look attractive? Friends who want to eat can be bought in Hong Kong.

Xiao Bian felt that the reason why this popcorn was shared by a lot of sisters and POs was because of its packaging. There are three kinds of transparent bags, paper bags and tin boxes. Even the paper bag, white and blue and white powder and white, it looks very Western style. The tin box packaging can maintain the flavor, but also meet the package control preferences.


Paper bag


popcorn tin can/popcorn tin box

The weight of this popcorn is quite large. Personally buy the S-bag. In addition, MIX models can be purchased by mixing several flavors at the same time. But popcorn, popcorn, is just popcorn, and it's easy to get wet after overnight. If you need to keep it, buy a can of iron. But even so, the recommended freshness date is within one week. The online shopping store was purchased on the same day in Hong Kong and was shipped to Shenzhen on the same day, and it was delivered with the fastest express delivery... It was really tossing food.

However, since there are shops in Hong Kong, it is presumably easy for the mainland to look forward to it.

Here are some tips from netizens:

“After eating one with each friend, they were all amazing together. Garrett Popcorn's popcorn is really delicious. The popcorn itself is very crispy, cheese is full of flavor, caramel is sweet and delicious, and it tastes good and it's delicious. A mouth can't stop at all"

"Every one of Garrett Popcorn's popcorn can be completely covered with cheese or caramel, unlike popcorn in general, which may be uneven or not even open at all."

"Of course, the side effects of heavy flavors are that it is easy to get tired. At this time, we know why the signature flavors have to be salty and sweet. The salty-sweet taste is just too low to be too sweet or too salty."

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