Food safety problem becomes the main trend of food tank innovation

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Food safety becomes the main trend of food tank. A food jar coated with bisphenol A[bp was forbidden at the time, but the metal containers continued to be broken in their depiction and function. Metal food cans The profession is witnessing some interesting differences also in trying to minimize the use of coating additives, the use of coating additives used to be a career throughout the practice, but in a night to provoke a lot of controversy. The additive that we are questioning is the a[bp of Bisphenol, which is to make the coating inside the metal food can still be intact in the heat and chemical environment. But it was questioned, this is due to the fact that many laboratory studies have shown that this substance can give mice congenital defects, low weight, RM, precocious puberty and other healthy pie. Congressman Edward Markeyf has proposed legislation to stop the use of bisphenol [in all food and beverage cans. bp help. Sadly, the same is true of many other health-related food issues, and science is not the strength of all resolutions, and the repercussions of government arrangements are uncertain. A month-old U.S. Department of Clean and Welfare's subordinate arrangement, the National Toxicology Program, submitted a statement stating that, after touching the body, it may have some negative effects on the nerves and actions of the fetus, baby, and adolescent. A committee of staff members recruited by the United States Food and Drug Administration, in a statement submitted in June, said that the basis for the a[bp of BPA was not sufficient to support the ban on Bisphenol A[bp. The primary focus of the controversy is the a[bp of Bisphenol-A in the polycarbonate baby bottle. But based on data from the United States Metal Food Tank Alliance (namp, the epoxy coating is a[bp in the interior of more than 90% food cans in the United States. Nampa is an arrangement made up of food jar makers and users who are committed to handling food-touch safety issues. Application of bisphenol A[bp in food cans, has been the focus of consumer and regulatory arrangements, although they did not take into account the baby Alilfff pie. Tony Clement of Canada's Ministry of cleaning, for example, announced a ban this year to stop imports and FM sales of VMA (BPA) Ingredients for baby bottles. But in the part of CLEMENM, Canada's Ministry of cleaning immediately announced next month that Bisphenol A[bp, which enters canned food, has little or no damage. It is true that there is no substitute ingredient, but few people used it at that time. The Klingou, a canned organic food producer, Eden Food, which is headquartered in Michigan, has been producing a canned legume since 1999, a food jar that is completely out of the way of Bisphenol A[BP, which has been printed on the opposite side of some food cans. Eden has sold more than 10 kinds, 15 ounces of canned beans, and 6 108 ounces of canned food. These food cans are produced by Balli company, lined with oily enamel made of rosin or balsam fir resin. This kind of food can is commonly used in industry, when the coating of A[BP-assisted ingredients was present. But now Eden is the only one who buys this kind of food jar from the Balli company. Bue Becker, Eden as vice president of marketing, said. The cost of this food jar is 2.2 cents more than the average food jar, which is rich in BPA.

' I expect this kind of wellness awareness to promote other businesses and start buying the food cans, ' Becker said. At any rate, it was rare for the A(BP to make the promise of a cannery, like Eden. Eden supplied the tomato products to Canada, and when asked about the products of a[bp in those food cans, they were told that the product's shelf life was only 6 months. For products with a higher acidity, such as tomatoes, the use of a[bp-like food cans is only selected. A canned tomato maker said he also received some inquiries from consumers about Bisphenol A[bp, but had to keep using the food cans. , we are powerless, that is the problem. He said, all the food cans are the same ingredient, if you want to have your cans inside the coating, then the coating will have to gather with bisphenol A[BP help. If you don't want this layer of coating, something like a tomato will corrode the food cans. "American Metal Food Tank Alliance prompts US, one of the findings in a separate study around the world is that the a[bp levels of BPA that are free from food cans are far below the level of damage to the well-being of the 1/300. John Rost, president of the United States Metal food cans Alliance, said As long as the epoxy coating in the food jar and the small number of bisphenol a(bp with no reaction, it is possible to enter into the product of the tank. ' When serious health problems are on the table, everyone's worries are inevitable. "Rost said, ' Some consumers and brand owners worry, and metal food cans touch the product will present problems, our first policy is to inform you, Bisphenol A[BP Help in the science exactly what it is." ”

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