Food plastic packaging materials for people‘s lives hidden dangers

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The use of plastic packaging materials for food, while improving people's quality of life, bringing great convenience, the negative impact of their waste on the environment and the potential danger of plastic packaging materials in health performance, with the increasing use of food plastic packaging materials and the increasing use of the volume, but also increasingly prominent.

Toxic residues in resins and raw materials, as well as toxic and harmful substances such as catalysts, are the first factors that we should pay attention to when we discuss the hygienic performance of plastic products. Common plastic parts for food packaging, polyvinyl chloride, the residual monomer of two vinyl chloride is a carcinogenic substance, which has a long term contact with mutagenicity, teratogenic degeneration and carcinogenicity, so the food packaging with polyvinyl chloride, poly-biased two vinyl chloride plastic products, of which the content of vinyl chloride monomer should be controlled under one out of 10,000, can ensure its health and safety; Styrene monomer, can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, anorexia, abdominal distension, depression, amnesia, finger fibrillation and other chronic poisoning, so food packaging polystyrene resin, the content of styrene monomer should be controlled under 0.5%.

Plastic products used in food packaging materials today, as its main component of the macromolecule, in the use of conditions, have good chemical stability, not harmful to the human body, can be safely used, but the plastic products exist in some "impurities" and additives, as well as poor production environment factors, Some of the imported unknown and processing conditions to control the improper production of toxic and harmful substances, it may have a toxic effect on the human body, it must be highly valued.

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