Food cans packaging management can be more refined

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Food cans packaging safety at present for consumers are very concerned about the manufacturers and the relevant parts of the special attention, and issued a variety of laws and regulations, but the variety of food, types and diversity of food cans packaging rules for the management and application, and not as simple as we imagine, Different food cans for different types of food is the guarantee of food quality and quality.

For food, the finished food contains a lot of material, to enhance the taste of food and other functions, but some parts of the ingredients can be in the food tank corrosion, thus affecting the quality of food, so we will add a layer of protective film inside the food cans to prevent contaminated food.

In particular, dry, biscuits and other products used food cans packaging is the most widely, but the poor packaging supervision, coupled with long-term storage, there may be outside the environment will affect the food material, so we found in the purchase of damp, deformation, expired food cans to eliminate the purchase. For the management and regulation of food cans, hope to be more and more detailed in the future.

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