Food cans packaging how to make customers have the urge to taste

- May 24, 2018 -

Food cans packaging how to make customers have the urge to taste

Many food manufacturers feel that there is no need to invest too much in food packaging, and that their food quality is good. Packaging can protect food, make foods not deteriorate, and not be affected. The survey results show that the first factor that affects the sales volume of products is quality, followed by packaging. When consumers buy, the first impression is the product's outer packaging, and then the quality of the product, packaging does not attract consumers, how to generate consumption? How can the design of food tin packaging attract consumers' attention and have the urge to taste?

With the changes in consumer attitudes, product packaging has also turned upside down, tinplate manufacturer. For example, a certain brand of honey pots is first packed in plastic bags for individual bags, and is clean and portable. If it is just such a package or a large plastic bag outside, how many people will buy it, but this honey tin can packaging design Just right, the traditional circular appearance, made of frosted iron, the particles of the frosted iron surface more protruding metal feeling, the general packaging lid will be sealed up, before they can not be opened, so when designing tin packaging The lid adopts a window structure so that people can clearly see the product inside the can and combine the fine printing patterns.

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