exporters of tea

- Jul 06, 2018 -

As we all know, the world's major exporters of tea are mainly Sri Lanka, India, and China. China has become the world's largest tea producer and the second largest tea exporter.

However, the development of the industry still faces many constraints. The overall transformation and upgrading is the trend of the times. In 2010, the total global tea production was 4.067 million tons, of which China ranked first with 1.37 million tons of output; despite the appreciation of the renminbi, production materials and labor. A number of unfavorable factors such as rising costs, China's tea exports last year still reached 301,400 tons, ranking second in the world, and tea exports reached a record high of 784 million US dollars. China's exports of green tea, flower tea and Pu'er tea increased, and the export of oolong tea and black tea declined. In terms of market, last year's exports to the United States and Russia grew rapidly, but due to factors such as shortage of raw materials supply, increased production costs and quality standards, traditional exports to West Africa and other countries. The market has declined. Among them, the fastest rise in packaging for packaged finished products is the fine tinplate tin canned tea.

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