Do you know the two materials for tin box packaging?

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Nowadays, we can often buy some products that are very exquisitely packed in tin boxes. In the case of different packaging of the same products, the tin box packaging will become the first product consumers can understand. There are actually two kinds of tin box packaging, which are tinplate cans and frosted tin cans. Let's take a look at the difference between these two materials.

Generally speaking, the tinplate in our mouth refers to tinplate iron, also called iron or ordinary iron. The price of the tinplate box is generally much cheaper than the frosted tin can. The tinplate will be coated with a white background on the surface. Then, the color is printed on the white background, so that the printed color will be more full and bright, so many people will choose the tin can as the outer packaging of the product.

tin boxes

frosted iron/Sandblast iron is also known as silver-light iron, and the surface effect looks like sandpaper, so we call it frosted iron. The frosted iron is much more expensive than the tinplate. It is generally used for non-printing tin cans and iron boxes. It is a translucent printing, which gives the grainy texture of the matte iron.

ST2016-90-65-155 尚品德茗-红茶盒

We are a tinplate producer from China, mainly producing all kinds of tin cans, including rectangular, square, round, oval and other shapes of iron boxes. Our products are widely used in food packaging tin cans, tea cans, holiday tins, wine boxes, candy boxes, gift boxes and so on.

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