Do you encounter iron box cannot be opened ?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

We will encounter the situation that the iron box cannot be opened in our daily life. Why is this? What can I do if I can't open it? Is there a way to neither destroy the iron box nor complicate it? Let's talk about this issue for everyone today. There are three reasons why the iron box cannot be opened. One is tightening too tightly, and the lid and iron box are very tight. One is that the box has not been opened for a long time. The surface of the box is rusted. The last condition is the pressure generated inside the box and the pressure difference outside the box. The lid is adsorbed and cannot be opened. If you want to open it is not without a solution, the following tank manufacturers will tell you how to open the box.


If it is tightened too tightly and the pressure inside and outside the box is poor, we can use a very simple method to open the lid, flip the bottom of the box and shoot it a few times, and then turn it on again. If it still won't open, then take more shots. A few shots, a little harder to shoot, there is a way to put the iron box into hot water, but it should be noted that only put the lid part in the water for a few minutes, using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the tank manufacturers It is also possible to open the tin box. If you encounter a situation in which the iron box is not screwed rusty, try to remove the rust, and then put it in hot water. The effect is the same as the former.


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