Disinfection of food cans

- Dec 12, 2017 -
Food can be put in cans, according to food varieties, physical property, processing methods, product requirements and the relevant provisions of the selection of suitable food cans. Because the container is attached with dust, microorganisms, grease and other dirt and residue of the solder, etc., so as to prevent cleaning, before canning the need to wash and disinfect. Food cans can be cleaned by hand or mechanical means. The mechanical method is to clean through the eruption steam or hot water. Next, let's look at the disinfection methods of several food cans. The washing and disinfection of the horse mouth iron cans, in small enterprises to choose more manual operation, the empty cans in boiling water soaked 0.5-1.0min, removed after the inverted drain moisture. In large enterprises, washing can be used to wash cans and disinfect. The washing machine's variety has the chain belt type, the sliding type, the rotary type and so on. The basic method is to wash the empty tank with hot water first and then disinfect it with steam. The washing and disinfection of glass cans, usually hot water immersion or scouring, so that many substances attached to the glass can swell and fall. With regard to the old glass cans recovered, the 2%-8% sodium hydroxide solution of 40-50 ℃ is required to be washed because the tank wall is often attached with grease, food crumbs and other contaminants. Then disinfect with bleach or potassium permanganate solution. After disinfection of food cans, the microbial residue of each empty tank should be less than hundreds of. After disinfection, the container should be drained and can be immediately loaded to avoid contamination again.

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