Disadvantages and advantages of metal packaging box

- Mar 19, 2018 -

As one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging materials occupy an important position in modern packaging materials. Talk about the disadvantages and advantages of metal packaging.

(1) Excellent barrier properties and excellent comprehensive protective performance Metal packaging materials have very low (nearly zero) permeability to gases, water, and water vapor, good fragrance retention, and no light transmission, and can effectively Avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays; its gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading, and fragrance protection far exceed those of other types of packaging materials such as plastics, paper, and so on. Therefore, the metal package can provide excellent protection properties for the contents, which is conducive to maintaining the quality of the products for a long time.

(2) Good mechanical properties, processability and high strength metal packaging materials have good ductility and high strength, can be stamped, rolled, stretched, welded, etc., can be made into thin-walled, The packaging container with high compressive strength and not easily damaged can also be combined with other materials to form a composite packaging material with excellent comprehensive performance.

(3) With special metallic luster, good surface decoration, special metallic luster, and exquisite decorating and printing can make the goods look wealthy and gorgeous, beautiful and marketable, and at the same time can increase the value of goods.

(4) Convenient and hygienic The metal packaging containers and internal paints generally meet the requirements of hygienic safety, and the products that are packaged with them are convenient to carry and use (generally equipped with easy-open devices such as pull-tabs for cans, etc.) and can be adapted Different climatic conditions. And waste disposal is good, can be recycled and used.

Disadvantages of metal packaging include: poor chemical stability, especially steel materials are easily rusted, generally should be coated with rust-proof substances; weak acid and alkali resistance, metal ions will precipitate when packaging acidic substances (especially food). Affecting product quality, generally require isolation and protection of the inner coating; the price of metal packaging materials is higher than other packaging materials, and the overall packaging cost is also higher.

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