Decorative printing method drive market

- Mar 26, 2018 -

A growing number of packaging tin boxes are appearing in a wide array of goods, and many are also willing to spend more to design a packaging tin box for the product. It is a good thing to replace the exquisitely packaged tin box packaging for products that are felt by the manufacturers whose business opportunities are followed. However, in the design of packaging tin boxes, it is necessary to identify the market position.

The key to the design of packaging tin packaging is: iconic positioning, gift orientation, brand positioning, and promotion positioning. All products entering the market circulation and consumption must have the theme and core of iron packaging. Emphasis on the specificity of packaging tin design, so that the goods are marketable and appropriate, more competitive in the market.

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The unique social performance of the packaging tin for goods has shown its fascinating charm from its own formation and development, and it has become one of the first signs of weighing the life style and level of the present generation. If a good product lacks a beautifully packaged tin box. The sales volume may be twice as effective. On the other hand, after the decoration, the quality goods will have the effect of raising the price. In fact, packaging tin packaging can attract consumers, and the formation of poor sales or selling is a key factor. Therefore, designers should deeply analyze and explore markets, products and consumers based on their own packaging tin . Theme, clear the corresponding design position, explore the differences between their products and other products, highlight the characteristics of other products, clear the relationship between the primary and secondary, and establish the key content and direction for the innovation of packaging tin design. Therefore, scientific, beautifying and economically reasonable tin packaging, the price can be recognized by the community.


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