Common Inner Tray Material Of Tin Box

- May 05, 2018 -

In the process of using the tin box packaging, in order to protect the product better, the inner tray is also widely used.Our customers often ask us if we can provide the inner tray. The answer is YES... YES,WE CAN PROVIDE.

So now we talk about what kind of material is commonly used for the inner tray.

Inner tray’s material is divided into: EVA (EVA can flock, but the cost is slightly increased.), pearl cotton, sponge, paper, plastic and so on.

Different materials have different properties:

First, EVA lining, from the performance point of view, there are environmental protection and not environmental protection, as well as anti-static and fire prevention. In terms of color, there are white, black, colorful, etc. White and black are the most common colors, but the colors are different, and some colors need to be specially customized. If the customer has to use this color, he must speak with the factory in advance, because this customization will take time.

eva inner tray.jpeg

Second, Pearl cotton lining, from the performance that there is environmental protection pearl cotton and anti-static pearl cotton. Colors are white, black, red. 


Third, Sponge lining, from the performance point of view, the sponge lining is divided into: environmental protection sponge lining, anti-static sponge lining and fireproof sponge lining.The colors are black, white and colored. Of course, the colored part is to be customized unless there is a ready-made color.

plastic inner tray.jpeg

As for the paper lining, the paper is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. It is now a commonly used liner. It is easy to load and unload, resists buffering, and can effectively reduce product loss. This kind of inner care material is used more often because of its low cost and protection, and the use of a wider area than EVA.

timg (1).jpeg

Regardless of the type of material used in the packaging, the inner lining of the material needs to be taken into consideration in the positioning of the product and the audience of the product. The pursuit of a good material and the asymmetrical material of the outer box will not achieve good results. When customers select the inner material, they should select the corresponding material according to the properties of their products.

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