Color use of tea tin box affects final sales

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The use of color in the design of the tea tin box can affect the final sale of the product. Do you realize it? The choice of color in tea tin box packaging design is particularly important, some colors can give people a gorgeous, grand feeling; some colors can give people a simple, calm feeling; some colors can make people feel fresh and beautiful ... Different color combinations are applied to different tea tins designs, creating different emotions and aesthetics. If green can bring comfort to people, then brown can create a strong, honest, homely color.tea tins

The psychological response of brown is solid and steady, almost boring, but it gives a serious and trustworthy feeling like mother. It is like the ground, the soil that is strong and safe under our feet, giving people a comfortable feeling. Green is often the preferred color for tea tin box design, because green itself represents the color of tea trees, and many teas will also appear green after brewing. In the vast majority of life experiences, green is the first visual impression that tea presents to people. Psychologists believe that green is a basic color that plays a decisive role. It is an instinct color for people's survival. It has a very positive effect on people's psychological quietness and cultivation.

Tranquil green can create a necessary balance for our uneasy life, it can lead us into a state of rest, help us get rid of irritability and repression into the harmonious realm of inner desire. The color of tea tins of different color systems can bring people different psychological feelings. The light green design style can give people a quiet and intimate feeling, as if the spring breeze is intoxicating. The large use of green on the tea tins plays a quiet role, creating a feeling of comfort and tranquility, which helps people to relax from the spirit and make consumers who are deeply in the city and eager for nature. Can get a little comfort in the psychological. The metal tea tins uses a light brown design to make the overall effect of the style more stable and simple. The use of light color weakens the negative reaction of brown itself to the boring, it creates a mature and stable feeling.茶叶铁盒供应商

The use of almost plain colors to convey the rich content of the sales products, the performance is plain is the true meaning of the public. The design screen and layout are exactly the same. Only through the difference in color usage can consumers have different psychological reactions, thus leaving different product impressions in the hearts of consumers. Color is the primary factor for consumers to recognize goods and form the impression of goods. The color charm of tea tins can also be seen as extraordinary. We have a deep understanding of the design of tea tins.


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