coating technology

- Jun 22, 2018 -

The iron can factory today will tell you about the coating process of tin cans. In order to obtain a high-quality primer coating layer, it is necessary not only to have a good-quality primer, but also to add advanced coating technology. The high-quality coating refers to the coating of a thick and even coating on the surface of the iron can, which has a good spread ability, a smooth surface, and a coating thickness of about 1.5 to 2 g/m2. Note that if the coating is too thin, the hiding power, abrasion resistance, adsorbability, glossiness, etc. will be affected and the desired requirement will not be achieved. If the coating is too thick, it will have an impact on the shrinkage stress and adhesion. The cost of the can making plant will also increase, and the phenomenon of hardening will not completely affect the quality.


The control of the coating process of the can making plant is mainly to control the coating speed and stability of the coating machine, the uniformity of the coating supply amount and the baking temperature, which depends to a large extent on the advanced nature of the coating process. , coating equipment accuracy and automation

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