Candy tin box packaging

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Candy is a must-have snack for New Year or holiday and hospitality. Today, the candy box manufacturer will introduce you to another product that is inseparable from candy - candy tin box. The candy tin box is a very high-end packaging method for the packaging of candy, so why should the candy choose the candy tin box? First let's take a look at candy.


Candy refers to a snack with sugar as the main ingredient. In a broad sense, chocolate and chewing gum are often considered a type of candy. In Europe and the United States, candy refers only to products made with white sugar or maltose. In ancient times, Europe and the United States even used honey as a raw material to make candy, but because of too much honey, it is not easy to control and not suitable for industrialization. If the fruit or nut is coated with sugar, it is called a sweet food (such as candied fruit). Candy can be divided into hard candy, taffy, gelatin candy, polished candy, gum-based candy, aerated candy and tablet candy.

The ingredients of the candy and the method of making the candy are destined to be sealed and stored, and the candy tin box provides a sealed and cool environment for the candy, so most manufacturers are willing to choose a candy tin box to package the candy. So what is the packaging advantage of the candy tin box?

1. Simple printing, but the pattern is beautiful, as long as the design is done, it can be printed according to the film output. After printing, it can be formed by a punching machine.

2. The cost is low. As the price of paper raw materials continues to rise, it is more economical to make a batch of candy tin box packaging than carton packaging.

3. The hardness of the package is high. The thickness of the tinplate is generally 0.23mm.

4. Can be mixed and matched, candy tin box packaging can be put into paper gift box, or wooden box with design, without losing high-end.

5. Candy Tin Box helps to strengthen the brand's propaganda.

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