Brief introduction of tea canisters

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Distinguish from texture, tea can usually have a tin, iron, ceramics, glass, paper and so on, which use a double cover iron color tea pot and a tin bottle is preferred, with ceramic storage of tea, with a big belly mouth is better.

Due to the consideration of the factors such as price and production technology, most of the iron tea cans widely used in the market are popular because of them. Titanium tea cans, once used as high-tech Aeronautics and Astronautics titanium also into the ordinary people's home. With the unique advantages of titanium, such as light weight, high hardness, good metallic luster, good biocompatibility, innocuity, tasteless and no radiation, all kinds of titanium tea cans with various shapes and patterns have been made by grinding, polishing and seiing.

Its tank has good sealing effect and never fade. The appearance is treated by physical and chemical coloring, forming all kinds of pattern and elegant and elegant. It is a practical and collection of senior daily necessities, and it is the best choice for you to give gifts to friends and relatives.

It is generally used earthenware containers Sheng tea, rich families are also useful for tin container to contain modern packaging, tea is general internal foil the tea vacuum packing, to achieve good sealing effect. In the ordinary teahouse, the tea is loaded with a large glass bottle. The purpose is to let the customers see the phase of the tea more clearly.

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