Analysis on the causes of the expansion tank of food tank

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Generally speaking, the cause of the food tank can be caused by the expansion of the tank in the following two aspects, one is the physical and chemical factors caused by the expansion tank, the second is the microbial factors caused by the expansion tank.

Analysis of the causes of the expansion tank caused by physicochemical factors:

The temperature in the drink is very high, and the density of carbon dioxide is large, because the air in the tank is very high, while in transit will be bumpy, this will lead to the escape of carbon dioxide, and the escaping gas will accumulate at the top, so that the pressure in the food tank will be greatly increased, if the pressure in the food tank less than the internal pressure, One problem that is so easy to happen is the expansion tank.

There is also a very important problem is that aluminum material is too thin, this will lead to the uneven tensile aluminum material, but also on the surface of the material will show a certain flaw. This will reduce the pressure on the food tank. In the weak position, the problem of tank leakage can occur.

II. Causes of expansion tank caused by microorganism

In the food tank, carbonated beverages have a special physical and chemical properties, low ph, low nitrogen content, low oxygen content and so on, this will inhibit the growth of microorganisms to a certain extent, so should use selective medium, only a few colonies can grow.

Because of low ph, so only yeast, mold, lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria can be grown, because of the impact of carbon dioxide, special aerobic mold growth will be inhibited. Yeast and lactic acid bacteria can also be grown and propagated.

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