Advantage of tin packing

- Apr 20, 2018 -

  Now, more and more products begin to pay attention to the packaging. At present, the market on the packaging can be divided into three types: plastic packaging, carton packaging, tin cans packaging. But with the change of social economy and people's concept, the utilization rate of cans is getting bigger and bigger. Why? Today, we can tell you how to make cans.

  Plastic packaging is the traditional way of packaging in the past. It occupies the main share of the packaging for a long time. Its advantages are light weight, good toughness, excellent barrier performance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness and good molding performance. Plastic packaging is the most portable of all packaging materials, and easy to form, convenient processing, processing as long as the replacement of the mold can get different molding containers, convenient for mass production. 

  The disadvantage of plastic packaging is that it is deformed at high temperature, easy to oxidize and brittle, and is not conducive to long time preservation. The most fatal defect is the pollution of the environment, which is the fundamental reason for the gradual elimination of plastic packaging. As a newly developed packaging material, iron can packaging has made a great difference in recent years, mainly due to its excellent compression resistance, plasticity and high temperature resistance. The most important point is that iron cans will not pollute the environment, and this is particularly important in today's growing consumer awareness.

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