Holiday Hexagon Biscuit Tin Wholesale

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Holiday Hexagon Biscuit Tin Wholesale

Hexagon tins is different from other round, rectangular tin boxes, it is a good choice as a gift box. The capacity of this holiday hexagon biscuit tin is large enough to packaging cookie and biscuit. And the size of this holiday hexagon biscuit tin box is 220*160*270mm, it has enough height to pack many layers of cookies.

There is a beautiful appearance of this holiday hexagon biscuit tin box , the body is beautiful flowers printed, the bottom and the inside are golden printing, and can also be printed according to the customer's requirements.


As a 13-year tin box manufacturer, Sheng Tai will help you solve all kind of problems for your tin package. You are ask for holiday hexagon biscuit tin box , that sounds great. Our company's tin cans have more than 900 models, with a variety of shapes, we are a good choice. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time, welcome you!


Q:What about the shipment?

A: The shipment is according to your requirement, it can be shipped by air, by sea or by land. The transport costs and transit time depends on the way and destination port.

Q: Is you tin box easy to get rust?

A: Our tin box use antirust processing tinplate with double-sided tin coating, with protection of eco-friendiy coating, it don't get rust in 5-8 year in normal environment.

Q: Can I use your existing mould for free? If i have to customize new mould and sample, can the cost be returned?

A: Yes, our existing mould can be provide for you by free, except some special mould which belongs to our current customer. For the new mould and sample cost, if the accumulated order quantity reach to 100K, it can be refunded.

Q: What is 4 colour process ?

A: 4 colour process is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). These are the 4 primary colours used to make up an image. 

Q: Do you make tools by yourselves ?

A: Yes, we make all tools by ourselves. We have an in house tooling department. So we an make custom molds at very low cost.

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